I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head
Idk if this is too personal but is there a reason you call your abuser The Lizard?

hi anon gosh I would be happier if you were not anonymous 

it is not a big story! somebody described him as a “lizard in a person suit” once, either me, or someone else in my circle, because he is an intensely creepy person with a lot of intensely creepy ideas and behaviors but he has a good, you know, person suit. he can mask his deep creepiness very well for a long time. many people can do that. 

he also does this thing where he makes jokes about what a like, creepy misogynist controlling manipulative scary person he is! like, he makes jokes about how similar he is to Patrick Bateman and Joffery McGameofThrones and some particularly creepy guy from Mad Men. he is like “ha ha I am a bad person” and somehow it distracts people from the fact that he is actual genuinely a dangerous person? I am not sure how this works but it is kind of unsettling! 

so, in conclusion, he has the capacity to mask his innate terribleness, as many terrible people do, from whence was born the moniker “lizard in a person suit” which was then just shortened to “the lizard” 


fuck pterodactyl screeches, i just want to be able to stalk around flapping and angrily pointing my wings and squawking like a fucking chicken

i think your new tattoo is really, really beautiful and i love the pics you've posted of it - of you, showing it off - recently.


:D ! thank you! heres one of it from today for you!!!

pip’s amaze tattoo of pip’s moon friend

okay you applied for the thing. you did your job for today. now.

-set up your password for the dumb mail thing. 

-deposit those checks from your aunts plz.

-wash some dishes. wouldn’t it be cool to have some clean, non-plastic utensils? not that you’d ever use them, but they’d be nice to have. 

-also probably you should eat more. 


Sources: Online Etymology Dictionary & Oxford English Dictionary


Sources: Online Etymology Dictionary & Oxford English Dictionary


Alex: how are you?
weeds:  trying to explain technology to a senior citizen
putting off a phone call
Alex:  oh my god
tumblr has taken over my life to the point that
you said “senior citizen”
and I was like “please Weeds Steve is better at computers than you probably”


Word of the Day


Versute, /vər’süt/ - Crafty; wily.

       Source: Webster’s Unabridged New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 1956

you’re really anxious today! that’s new! (it’s not). 

we have a fucking protocol for this, okay? 

let’s make a quick list of the points you want to hit in this cover letter

-good at logistics and lists

-writing/editing, creative writing

-DA recruiting/relationship building (talk about DA and how you like, engaged people and innovated) 

-research skills.

-attention to detail

-communication skills

-fast learner. 

you have basically written this cover letter before like a dozen times, so that’s cool. do it again. you know how.